• Piper Cheyenne II

Ref.1130 1975 Cheyenne, Twin Engine Plane


 This Piper Cheyenne II, ref.1130, Multi Engine Plane has been well maintained and recently been overhauled and placed back into service. The hrs. are low because it was not used during the Pandemic and the lack of assignments.

This plane has a N call number and is currently located in Europe.

Spec Sheet 1

Spec Sheet 2

Spec Sheet 3


A Zeiss DMC Aerial Camera is installed. The Digital Camera is not part of the transaction and will be removed, but could also be added if requested.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need any clarifications. If you are interested you could suggest a time for the inspection and test flight. During that time you can examine the engines, review the log books and related documents and verify that all is correct and as advertised. The data on this website are compiled to the best of our knowledge, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify the information.



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