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Ref.1117 Riegl Lidar Sensor LMS 680i System – SOLD

For manned Aircraft or Helicopter. In excellent working condition. Ready for Lidar projects

Trimble Harrier 56-008 with Riegl 68i
Seller purchased System new in 2011



Additional information:

LiDAR sensor was serviced by Riegl in 2018. 

Full system serviced by Trimble in 2016. 

The system includes LiDAR, Camera, IMU, Integration, etc.

Stored in airconditioned storage since May 2020.

System is in excellent working condition. Can be checked by Riegl prior to shipment to buyer.

IMU for navigation is included.

Datasheets and System PDF files

Trimble Harrier 68i Generalities

Trimble Harrier 68i Data Sheet

TAC Manual v1.2

System Overview


Quantity and Description

8 System Drives (mix of LiDAR and CAM)

2 Copy Station

1 Pilot Display

1 Operator Display

1 set of System Cables

1 Ground Power Unit

1 set of System Manuals

1 Computer Rack (LiDAR/CAM/Nav Data Recorders)

1 Sensor Head (Q680i LiDAR Sensor, P65+ Phase One Camera, 50 mm lens, IMU)

1 set of Shipping Cases


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    Last Updated on July 23, 2021

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