Last Updated on June 5, 2020

High Density Lidar Acquisition Package. Ref.1103




Drone System complete, including UAV Vapor 55, Lidar Riegl VUX 1LR, Sprint Van – custom modified for this specific assignment, etc. all in excellent condition. Ready for the job.

Additional info:

The Vapor 55 was purchased in May 2019. The Riegl Lidar is 3 years old. This Drone has roughly 10 hours flying time only. Modified to accommodate the Riegl Lidar VUX 1LR.  We have the LiDAR certifications on file if needed.

Support Van: 2015 Sprinter Freightliner 4×4 (20K miles)

The package will also include a Base Station and the laptop to fly the helicopter, Vapor 55

Training on seller’s site: included

Training on buyer’s site: small fee and travel expenses at cost

Last Updated on June 5, 2020

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