Antenna /IMU, etc

Antena/IMU, etc

Please use our reference number and Item name when making an inquiry about any item on this page.

3Novatel ReceiverRef.1048PROPAK6 BT/WIFI, SPAN Enabled
5Trimble GPS AntennaRef.1038Items are new.
6Riegl DR560 Data RecorderRef.1036Item is in good condition.
8Zeiss Camera Mounts (2 available)Ref.1031More info upon request. Asking price: $1,200/each, $1,600 for both.
9Honeywell H58 IMURef.1030More information upon request. The price has been reduced to $4,400.-.
12Data Recorder 560-RD for RIEGL Laser Scanner - SOLD
Sill have Flight Management System IGI CCNS4
and Aerocontrol. No IMU included
Ref.1026Riegl LMS Q560-SOLD
Sill have Flight Management System IGI CCNS4
and Aerocontrol. No IMU included
15PAV30 Gyro MountRef.1018Could be used for Digital Aerial Camera!
16PAV20 Gyro MountRef.1017Could be used for Digital Aerial Camera!
18Z-Screen 2000 SeriesRef.1011Excellent Condition
19Navigation Sight, TelescopeRef.1007Sight optics: clean and clear!
Applanix DSS Flight management SystemRef.1043Pending sale.
1Film Rolls for Aerial CameraRef.1042SOLD
2Schneider-Kreuznach Lens for Rollei (Trimble) CameraRef.1041SOLD
7Film Rolls for Aerial Camera.Ref.1035SOLD
11NovAtel SPAN with FSASRef.1027SOLD
14Helicopter PODRef.1019SOLD
SM2000 MountRef.1006SOLD
POSTrack Applanix 510 SystemRef.1023SOLD
Track'Air System Teci3Ref.1025SOLD
GSM 3000Ref.1028SOLD
Film Rolls for Aerial CameraRef.1037SOLD
Track'Air SystemRef.1032SOLD
Film Rolls for Aerial CamerasRef.1008SOLD
Track'Air SystemRef.1005SOLD
Applanix AV310 LN200 IMU SystemRef.707SOLD
Applanix PosAV510Ref.1021SOLD
Heli-Utility POD LH D350Ref.1001SOLD
NovAtel SPAN GPS-IMU systemRef.1022SOLD
Flight Management System CCNS4Ref.1020SOLD
NovAtel IMU Camera SystemRef.717SOLD
RC30 12" S lensRef.1016SOLD
RC20 6" F LensRef.1015SOLD

Last Updated on March 5, 2020