Film Cameras

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 NameReference NumberComments
RC30/PAV30 Aerial CameraRef.#367More pictures and info coming soon.
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK-A 15/23Ref.#366Zeiss RMK-A Aerial Camera complete with 3X magazines.
RC30/PAV20 Aerial CameraRef.#365Great condition!RC30 complete with PAV20 mount, cassettes
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK-TOP 15Ref.#355Great condition! AWAR 107, with Locke-on Video Camera installed inside Lens Cone...eliminates Nav.Sight.
Leica Aerial RC30 Film Camera 15/4 UAG SRef.#362Very good working condition!
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK TOP 30Ref.#363Excellent condition!
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK TOP A 15/23Ref.#348Price Reduced. All filters, one additional film magazine!
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK-A 15/23Ref.#351With Locke-on Video camera installed in Cone, eliminates Nav. Sight. extra film magazine!
Leica Aerial Film Camera RC20, PAV20Ref.#321Price reduced! Excellent working condition. ASCOT FMS (optional). AWAR 88!
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK TOP 15Ref.#352Great Condition, AWAR 100!
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK-A 15/23Ref.#353with Locke-on! High AWAR, for sale as a package with ref.#352.
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera 30/23 RMK-ARef.#329Very Good Condition
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK-ARef.#330Use as backup or for parts!
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera LMK 2015Ref.#359AWAR 100 Last Cal. March 2010!
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK TOP 15Ref.#360Very good condition!
Leica Aerial Film Camera RC20Ref.#347Upgraded - NSF3 Navigation Sight
Leica Aerial Film Camera RC10Ref.#338Very good Condition. Known as Wild Heerbrugg
Leica Aerial Film Camera RC10Ref.#356Fully operational. Known as Wild Heerbrugg
Zeiss Aerial Film CameraRMK-A 30/23Ref.#340Very Good Condition
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK-A 15/23Ref.#341Very Good Condition-Recent Calibration
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera RMK-ARef.#342Great Condition, Special Price - You must see the photos of this camera - use as Back-up
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera LMK 1015Ref.#343Price Reduced! Great Condition! AWAR 97
Zeiss Aerial Film Camera LMK 1000Ref.#354Calibrated in 2010!
RC30/PAV20 Aerial Camera 4-S LensRef.#364SOLD
Leica Aerial Film Camera RC30/PAV30Ref.#345SOLD
Leica RC30Ref.#749SOLD
Leica RC30 Film CameraRef.#361SOLD
Leica Aerial Film Camera RC30/PAV30Ref.#358SOLD

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