Single Engine Airplanes

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Name Ref. # Comments
Cessna 206H Ref.#660 Price is negotiable. Plane Airworthiness is available.
Cessna T206D 1969 Ref.#656 Price reduced. Factory-rebuilt engine. Always stored in hanger.
  Cessna TU-206F Ref.#652 Leica ALS50 and Leica RCD105 sold as package.
  Cessna 180K/185 Ref.#628 Only used by owner. Always kept in dry hanger.
  Cessna TP206E Ref.#658 SOLD
  Cessna 206H Stationair Ref.#654 SOLD
  Cessna TU206G Ref.#661 SOLD
  Cessna U206G Ref.#659 SOLD
  Cessna T-210N Ref.#655 Sold
  Cessna T-210 Ref.#648 Not available.
  Cessna 208B Ref.#645 Sold
  Cessna TurboTU206A Ref.#640

Not available anymore

All items are subject to prior sale and can be withdrawn anytime without notice.

Leasing can be obtained from Coast Financial Leasing.

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  • Any Softcopy
  • Any Film Scanner
  • Any Film or Digital Aerial Camera
  • Any LiDAR Equipment
  • Any Aircraft, modified with hole (camera port), with or without Aerial Camera installed
  • Any Items/Accessories for the Mapping business

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