Featured Camera : PhaseOne

At 100 megapixels, the iXU cameras deliver 11,608 pixels cross-track coverage, which is 12 percent greater than previously available medium format aerial camera systems.
Flying with an iXU-RS 1000 or iXU 1000 enables users either more coverage during a flight, while maintaining the same ground sample distance (GSD), or a lower GSD, while flying at the same height.

This image was taken with a Schneider-Kreuznach lens.

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New Tech Services, Inc. specializes in the Marketing of pre-owned mapping equipment and a Flight Planning Program. The company was established in 1991; since then we have been providing quality, personalized service to an increasing list of satisfied customers all over the word.

NTS is selling modified Planes, Large and mid-sized Aerial Cameras, LiDAR Systems, etc. We have over 25 years of experience.

NTS sells a powerful, 3d flight-planning tool to assist in calculating the exact amount of images needed for the next project anywhere in the world, accurately and cost efficient. The “TopoFlight Mission Planner” will reduce the time to produce a professional quote by more than half. The TopoFlight Viewer is used as an index and permanent record of each image and can be freely distributed and used as an impressive marketing tool for the client’s archive.

A demo can be downloaded for free from the Website and tested on your PC. Version 10.6 is available now, with a Hardlock for a PC or Server.

The “Navigator” is a Flight Management System to assist the pilot to navigate the Aircraft and trigger the Camera at pre-defined positions.

TopoFlight Products are marketed worldwide and sold in over 20 countries.

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More information is available at www.nts-info.com or www.TopoFlight.com

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“TopoFlight” The Standard in 3D Flight Mission Planning.

Distributor of Multi-Purpose Drone

New Tech Services is pleased to announce the cooperation with BirdsEyeView Aerobotics, the manufacturer of the multi-purpose drone: FireFly6. We are officially the distributor for the drone. Please visit: www.BirdsEyeView.aero for more information.